Get It Done


Friends, Romans, Countrymen lend me your ears. You have the power to make this school year great! It’s all about the little things.

Arrive on time with a planner. Record all assignments. Start before the deadline. Use time wisely to chip away at the work due. It takes small bites to completely eat an elephant, right? Expect to do a little at a time to reach your goal. Work on assignments and review all along the way. Ask for help when needed. Keeping up and ahead is much easier than catching up on things.

Create a place and time for daily work. Make it inviting and use it. This is where habits are everything. Know where and when you will be there. What will you accomplish there? How much time will you invest there daily? Visualize it and do it. Do the hardest work first. Reward yourself. Be kind to yourself and have reasonable expectations. Just do it.

Use time wisely. Ensure you are getting things done. Take advantage of time and situations to review or read. This can happen while you are waiting or traveling. This can happen at the end of another class. This can happen when nothing else is or even during another activity. Record yourself and listen to the information while you exercise. Be fruitful and get it done!

The New Kid on the Block

Being the new kid is exciting and this block is nice! Planning for my first year can be compared to driving down an unknown road. I have decided to take some actions to help me stay on the right path and avoid accidents. This is what I am learning and what is happening.

The time to transition is now. I met with the previous division head and am taking in the wonders of the campus. Sharing time with my predecessor allowed me to feel a sense of continuity. Much is right here, yet some areas need new energy.

I am meeting colleagues, learning names and room numbers. Some classroom assignments are being changed to assist in the school day running more smoothly in the fall. I will conduct interviews of new parents. I will assess and plan with some veteran parents to ensure student needs will best be addressed.

I had the privilege of meeting my teachers before school ended for the summer. Our headmistresses introduced me and allowed time for me to orchestrate a dream session. I am planning to extend that session when we meet again next month.

I look forward to meeting many parents at our annual back-to-school Mass and picnic next month. I promise to listen, be available, carry on the school’s good work and improve where improvement is needed. I welcome parents and teachers to share with me in hopes of building relationships now when time is available.

I believe that relationships are the foundation. Building and nurturing them are key. I want to listen and value the information being shared.

I am learning and loving the culture here. It is great to know that not much needs changing. I have seen campuses with toxic cultures and this is not one. Healthy habits are evident and alive. I am grateful for that.

I want to discover what concerns our school community has and what absolutely must be honored. At an institution as deep rooted as the Academy of Sacred Heart in Grand Coteau much is and should be honored. The map here unfolds to show us how to reach a noble future. My job is to lead and assist in staying true to that.

I seek understanding of concerns and hopes. The collective wisdom I find here is awesome. I love tapping into it and am eager to learn. I promise to honor the experts along the way.

I plan to delegate knowing that we are each blessed with great abilities and my expertise is not the same as my neighbor’s. I realize we are all parts of one body and function best when we do what we were meant to do. My goal is for each to do our part and do it well for the greater good.

The most important thing that I have learned so far is that I am blessed to be here and have the responsibility of leading in a fine, faith-based school. I am humbled by the opportunity. I am limited and love knowing that I can sneak out of my new office to pray directly across the hall at the shrine where a documented miracle took place. Wow!

In the Beginning

I am tickled to begin a new job in administration at the Academy of Sacred Heart in Grand Coteau tomorrow and new chapter of my life in Louisiana. Ideas for our lower school are keeping me up at night. I am eager to share the 2014-2015 journey with our fantastic faculty and plan to start with questions.

Who are we? Why are we here? What is it that we want and when do we want it? What does that look like? We will draw our vision. How will we get there? Brainstorming and soul-searching awaits us. Ready to ignite some fire and passion.

Eager to meet with colleagues. I am ready to create binders to use as a roadmap. I will share the powerful professional development opportunities we have as we plan the best year ever for all at the Academy.