Get It Done


Friends, Romans, Countrymen lend me your ears. You have the power to make this school year great! It’s all about the little things.

Arrive on time with a planner. Record all assignments. Start before the deadline. Use time wisely to chip away at the work due. It takes small bites to completely eat an elephant, right? Expect to do a little at a time to reach your goal. Work on assignments and review all along the way. Ask for help when needed. Keeping up and ahead is much easier than catching up on things.

Create a place and time for daily work. Make it inviting and use it. This is where habits are everything. Know where and when you will be there. What will you accomplish there? How much time will you invest there daily? Visualize it and do it. Do the hardest work first. Reward yourself. Be kind to yourself and have reasonable expectations. Just do it.

Use time wisely. Ensure you are getting things done. Take advantage of time and situations to review or read. This can happen while you are waiting or traveling. This can happen at the end of another class. This can happen when nothing else is or even during another activity. Record yourself and listen to the information while you exercise. Be fruitful and get it done!